Chicago Massage & Spa

Top-Tier Massage & Spa Services

Chicago Massage & Spa by Bartek Massage, Ltd., located at 67 E Oak Street, Chicago, Illinois, is an established business incorporated in 2009. Our clients include:

  • Top-tier athletes & team sportspersons
  • Legendary entertainers
  • Prominent people from national & international organizations
  • Fortune 500 executives
  • Statesmen

Our Spa services have been utilized in venues ranging from FIFA World Cups to the Olympic Games.

Our Renowned Clientele

We have been in high demand with movie stars, musicians, sports stars, and political leaders worldwide. We also provide professional sports therapy to some of the professional players of:

  • The White Sox
  • The Red Sox
  • The NY Yankees
  • The Chicago Bulls
  • The San Francisco 49ers
  • The Chicago Blackhawks
  • The NY Rangers
  • The La Kings
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins
  • The Edmonton Oilers
  • The Vancouver Canucks

Our Spa service has been at work at various events:

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Lyric Opera of Chicago
  • Joffrey Ballet
  • Chicago Theatre
  • Chicago Film Studios
  • Ravinia Festival
  • Circus de Soleil
  • Chicago Marathon

We serve clients in the Hotels of Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, InterContinental and Accor.

Chicago Massage & Spa
Chicago Massage & Spa

A Registered Company

Bartek Massage, Ltd., is a fully licensed, registered, and insured company in Illinois and Chicago. We have been providing high-quality massage and Spa services for more than 25 years